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L.A.G. Laminati Alluminio Gallarate S.P.A. is a privately owned and independent company which has been operating in the aluminum semis market for over 40 years.

The company was founded in 1961 in Gallarate as L.A.G. S.n.c. for the production of cold rolled aluminum strip and aluminum slugs.  Since then the company has constantly evolved and developed integrating into it’s production cycle the casting of slabs and hot rolling.

These enormous economical, technical and organizational efforts, together with the agility, flexibility and initiative of a private entrepreneurial activity, have permitted L.A.G. to increase it’s annual production from 11.000 in 1982 to the actual annual production of 40.000 tons and to diversify it’s products aiming at a panorama of semis and alloys every more vast and complete in keeping with the most modern european and worldwide standards.