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Cardano al Campo, 1st September 2020


Laminati Alluminio Gallarate S.p.A. following the analysis of the context, in line with the company strategies and with the aim to ensure the product quality highest level, the improvement of OSH performance, the full compliance with the requirements of the applicable regulations and customers and stakeholders’ expectations, has designed the “Integrated Management System” described in the Manual. The Company also operates, at all levels, in order to guarantee the physical and moral integrity of its employees in working conditions that respect individual dignity and safe and healthy work environments, in full compliance with legislation in force, regulations and agreements related to it.

To do this, LAG has decided to implement an Integrated Management System which allows :

  • To achieve the fulfilment of customers’ needs through a careful analysis of the specified requirements and explicit and implicit expectations;
  • To perform the activities of competence in accordance with the contractual requirements and the qualitative criteria and requirements set by the applicable legislation, always bearing in mind the protection of safety and hygiene;
  • To perform the activities of competence in accordance with the contractual requirements and the qualitative criteria and requirements set by the applicable legislation, always bearing in mind the protection of safety and hygiene;
  • To achieve a continuous efficiency improvement and corporate effectiveness;
  • To guarantee:
    • Full compliance with health and safety legislation (for the protection of its employees, visitors, contractors and external interested parties);
    • The reduction of risk factors and accidents, injuries and occupational diseases

To achieve these objectives, the adoption of the following tools is considered essential:

  • The continuous compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001 (for Quality System), ISO 45001 and UNI INAIL GUIDELINES (for Health and Safety Management System) by structuring and keeping the Integrated Management System active;
  • The definition of goals, set annually by the Management during the Review and then kept under control to verify their actual achievement;
  • The application of quality methods as a means to deal activities in a controlled form;
  • The monitoring of the evolution of applicable legislation and customers’ expectations;
  • The systematic control of the activities entrusted to third parties, creating a mutually beneficial collaboration with its partner-suppliers;
  • The ongoing information to collaborators to raise the awareness of all employees in order to create the best conditions for performing the tasks assigned to them in health and safety;
  • The consultation, participation and training of all employees about the activities that have an impact on the risks and the related containment measures for health/safety aspects;
  • The continuous activity to make suppliers and contractors aware of operating in compliance with this policy with the aim of constantly improving their health/safety performance;
  • The preservation of a dialogue based on respect for civil society, local authorities, trade associations, supervisory authorities and any other party in order to make the company’s path on health and safety clear and transparent;
  • The Executive Review, intended as a fundamental information and communication tool, the results of the strategies for Quality and Health and Safety, presenting a series of performance indicators dedicated to overseeing the objectives improvement;
  • The protection of workers’ health and safety by reducing the risks associated with work activities, in particular by investing in the elimination of risks at source, reducing exposure to risks and decreasing the likelihood of injury; the company also guarantees the effectiveness of possible responses to internal or external emergency situations and undertakes to involve its suppliers in the business plan to improve the Safety and Environmental Management System;
  • The continued protection of all and in particular of those who are exposed to greater vulnerability, such as disabled people, pregnant or breastfeeding women;
  • The continuous protection of non-smokers against the risks associated with passive smoking. For this reason, smoking is prohibited in all workplaces within the company and the ban is clearly communicated through signs placed at the access points or wherever it can be easily read;
  • Raising the awareness and continuous involvement of all the staff in matters related to Quality, Environment and Safety and to communicate the “Company Policy” inside the Company, at all levels;

We are confident of your cooperation, with the commitment already shown so far.

Laminati Alluminio Gallarate S.p.A.
The Management