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Technological Cycle

L.A.G. S.p.a.’s technological cycle is the most specifically suitable for the production of a vast range of rolled sections and circles in light alloys for many different applications. The cycle permits:


The realization through CASTING of slabs in aluminum and in alloys of various compositions, up to a weight of 7 tons, using metal coming from various origins , and with the capability of treating scrap material.

Hot rolling

The realization of strips through HOT ROLLING, up to a thickness of 6 to 10 mm. using slabs which have undergone MILLING in order to remove superficial impurities and<br /> furnace PREHEATING.

Cold rolling

The realization of coils of various final thicknesses, up to a minimum of 0,25 mm., through COLD ROLLING.

Heat treating

The obtaining of various physical states required by the use of the material through HEAT TREATING in a controlled atmosphere furnace.

Shearing, trimming and blanking

The realization of strips, circles, sheets and squares of various dimensions through SHEARING, TRIMMING AND BLANKING.

Quality control

The entire productive cycle and the final testing are subjected to constant QUALITY CONTROL realized with the support of a laboratory equipped with the most modern and specific instruments for analysis.